Kids Classes

Unleash your child’s fullest potential with an all-rounded DanceSport education combining the joy of ballroom dancing with the discipline of a sport.

Conducted by dedicated instructors at The DanceSport Academy, your child progresses through major milestones mastering the DanceSport syllabus with maximum results.

TDA Tots 4 to 6 year - 12 Sessions
Explore the basics of the Latin Dances in this fun and exciting introduction to DanceSport. Kids will learn the fundamentals of each dance with emphasis on music and rhythm appreciation. Pick up social etiquette skills and build your child's confidence in this unique dance experience.

TDA Junior 7 to 12 years - 12 Sessions
With more emphasis on proper techniques and execution of dance steps, watch your child become a picture of grace and beauty with our TDA Junior program. This course will ensure that your child will master the dances at a comfortable pace and have loads of fun doing it!