TDA Profile

The DanceSport Academy is a renowned dance company under the direction of National DanceSport Champions Melvin and Sharon.

The DanceSport Academy focuses on dance creativity and proper techniques in an environment that provides work-life balance, health and fitness awareness, confidence and self-esteem.

  • To provide a conducive, positive and dynamic learning hub in creating art and fitness awareness through ballroom dancing in a fun-loving and stress-free environment.
  • To create a distinctive and unique learning experience for every student.
  • To deliver positive, affirming and life enriching experiences to each individual, encouraging the discovery of spirit and confidence that each will carry beyond the dance floor into a full, diverse life.
  • To provide education and outreach programs at all levels of artistic experience through Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) workshops, dance showcase and demonstrations.
  • To be the people‚Äôs choice and the best art and sport learning school in Asia.
  • We are committed to provide professional instructions & ensuring all students enjoy the learning experience.