Our regular Saturday dance classes is a highlight that we both look forward to after a hectic work-week. Through his class, we found renewal, rejuvenation and restoration.

Alvin & Rosalind


More than just instructors, you have created a culture of friendliness by going the extra mile for each and every one of your students.

Daryl & Pamela

Thank you teacher Melvin and Sharon for putting so much effort in teaching and making us what we are today!

Jian Long & Ting Wei

Melvin and Sharon never fail to make us look forward to our lessons each week. Thank you Melvin, Sharon and The DanceSport Academy for all the wonderful experiences.

Leon & Keiko

We're very fortunate to have Teacher Melvin and Sharon as our dance instructors. We look forward to every lesson and never fail to enjoy them. Thank you so much for everything!

Jia Rong & Joyce

Through your dedicated guidance and patience, we have learnt a lot from Teacher Melvin and Sharon. Thank you so much for bringing us this far.

Richard & Kelly

We have never enjoy dancing so much until we started dancing at TDA. We are really thankful for the fun lessons every week!

Eugene & Samantha

Thank you for many years of fun dancing and lots of wonderful memories.

Singapore American School           "That Dance Thing"                          6th Graders

Melvin and Sharon not only groom dancers but also athletes. If not for them, I would not have made it to where I am now. Thank you!


I wouldn't have done so well without Melvin & Sharon. They not only help me out with my dance techniques but also try their best to assist me as an individual.